Thursday, June 2, 2016

Chronicles of Elyria

As we've already been introduced in the previous article, Chronicles of Elyria allows gamers to freely do whatever they want, even be able to write up a history for themselves, to become king one realm. Players will be comfortable career choice, visiting the landscape everywhere, carry out their own adventures.
But the most remarkable thing of the Chronicles of Elyria is the ability to turn a game character, which has not changed in many other online games, is old and has the ability to go into the world ... across.
Of course with such a survival online game Chronicles of Elyria, you will have to do everything to survive, from the threats hidden in the vast world of the game, the monsters, the main tasks as well as online offline, even from the other players. It was found that part of the Chronicles of Elyria fight brought many actions and ask gamers to highly skilled, face the enemy has the ability to attack at any time, as well as excellent ability to dodge.
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Only a few hours after the launch of a campaign on Kickstarter to raise capital, Chronicles of Elyria has collected 200 thousand dollars, equivalent to more than 4 billion dong from the gaming community. This has proved to be somewhat of an attraction of the unique online game and best graphics ever.
And just 10 days after launch, the number of 900 thousand USD targets game developers have completed. This means that for every 1 day passed, the developer again "pleased" by the gamers 2 billion Dong to serve the complete game.

Most recently, the game developers have once more shocking statement that Aaron Green: Map of Great Chronicles of Elyria to the point, you will have to constantly within half years to go all the way. The reason is basically, a land in an area of ​​about 256 games x 128 km (unit in the game). Plus the number of maps in the game, the entire land in Chronicles of Elyria will have a large area with ... America!
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