Thursday, June 2, 2016

Tree of Life

Tree of Life is an online game with content sandbox survival game, create a feeling of being "live" and "N" a sincere effort in virtual worlds. All players will be involved in a very real community with a complex economy, active life and requires gamers to communicate and coordinate with each other regularly.
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Punctuality, survival online game fun graphics from South Korea is the Tree of Life was officially open beta on Steam system for a long time after the Early Access. Currently gamers can easily participate in this game through the address:, the price of the game is USD 14, equivalent to nearly 300 thousand.

Control mechanisms in the Tree of Life goes towards third perspective, quite simple and almost nothing is too difficult for the player. World of Tree of Life is a vast open world, where players with experience in the same server. Still, part of the survival game Tree of Life was not really difficult when players can easily find food outside the map, however, they will be faced with another danger always lurking.


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