Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wonder 5 Masters

Skill fire seemed to burn a forest of guy who Sorcerer, will spread quickly to help defeat opponents quickly as possible. Or girl warrior with the toss lightning blow, the enemy is not able to respond to resuscitation survival. All these skills are established aiming to attack then click and drag the icon to perform skills.

Besides, with full 3D graphics will take players to explore a lot of quite beautiful scenery, through many dark dungeon, scary. Systems and equipment items for the character or mission also extremely diverse spoiled players explore and collectibles.

Wonder 5 Masters storyline hero to save the world under the terror crisis being brought up the dominant force, and the gods of light and darkness are divided factions chaos. Shaping character Chibi-style design, gives players get extremely cute hero. With more than 50 types of different characters help players choose characters unleash their own. It is the familiar character lines such as Warrior, Mage, Sorcerer ... but each class will have the strength of the main skills that character.  
Tags : Strike Force Heroes, Strike Force Heroes 2 , Strike Force Heroes 3 , Strike Force Heroes 4
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