Tuesday, May 31, 2016


HeroWarz the online game allows players to choose one of the many heroes to participate in the virtual world. There are about 100 characters in the game, players will collect and sort them into the "army" of his to use later. Of course the hero will have a completely different set of skills and possess different advantages to enrich a fight.

Control mechanisms in HeroWarz Online quite simple and much like the game Diablo II, players can move the character directly via the right mouse button, as well as a separate skill set 2 for each mouse button.

As we all know, action online games from Korea is very interesting is HeroWarz English opened in mid-May of this. And of course now many gamers around the world have been enjoying the most interesting point of the gameplay. If you are interested, you can learn more and register for an account, join players at the game homepage: http:http://strikeforceheroesgame.com.

Also part of HeroWarZ PvP also very impressed with the screen play 4vs4 online game similar to the MOBA genre with the installations, offices, soldiers ... In the near future, most likely the game will open wide section between players fighting together through very terrible battle up to 28 people to participate.
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