Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Trinium Wars

Trinium Wars is a remake of L.A.W: Living After War once very noticeable in 2011 but not yet officially launched by some gamers are problems in the release. The plot revolves around the battle Trinium Wars post-nuclear disaster between 2 factions to scramble Naks Humans and the world during the chaos. Players will join one of two forces, in addition there is also a race game is that Shamaks but only for NPC only.

Highlights of Trinium Wars graphics come from relatively easy to see, and especially fictional story, interwoven with mythical elements. Nevertheless, because it is an indie game image game has not created enough realism in the image, and still can not be compared with those of every blockbuster MMORPG today.
In general, the content in Trinium Wars game World of Warcraft is very similar to the initial period, when players will be asked to explore the map, talk to the NPC for a quest. The operational tasks in the game is not too complicated, often revolves around the activities kill monsters, collect items or talk to other NPCs, quite simple.

After extensive testing period in May 03 but forced gamers to spend at least 5 USD in the form of early access, at the present time RPGs extremely impressive nostalgic Trinium Wars officially opened widely and completely free to everyone. Details of the players you can refer to the website of the game:
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