Friday, April 22, 2016

Penguin Diner 1

Penguin Diner 1 is a game about the penguins so cute and funny. with wonderful images and colorful reading gives players the thrill and fun.

In this game the player must help Penny, Penguin serve customers and make money. When you start playing the game you get a goal for each day and your goal will be to achieve that goal before the restaurant closed for the day.

With the money you collect you can buy some products to decorate the cafeteria or to help increase the speed of service.

Back story

Penny is a lovely girl, and beautiful Penguin girl who got lost in the times to go to Antarctica and has been for people to find when stranded on a mountain peak gia.Sau tape she had stayed working in a shop local food in because she did not have any money left to get back right away. Can only try to seize the money and return home.

Game controls

With this game you do not really need to keyboard much. While playing you'll only need a mouse only. You just stand right place and clicks for some action to be taken.

How to play

You will receive a daily target at the start of the game to reach the target choi.Ban before 09: 00- the time the bars closed. If the proceeds of your working day is higher than the target is in place, the money will be guivao Penny banks. Use that money to buy and upgrade.

Customers are always queuing in front of the diner. You must select the customer and click an empty table in the bar to sit for khachngoi eat. When they were ngovao table, they will start reading read gtrong cuisine restaurant menus. When customers are ready to order, the penguins will call to say 'Hello' and waved chao.Sau which orders are executed automatically and the food was transferred to and put on the counter.

Where food was delivered you must click on the food and click on the customer bang.Sau when finished food, they will leave this diner to leave money on the table. Click the completed table will help collect coins and cleaning tables. Once the service is completed for the day, you can choose to start the next day. The scores will be accumulated with the previous game.

Additional points

If the service takes too long, a customer can become angry and leave unfinished food. In such cases, Penny had to throw leftovers in the garbage, but also in the cafeteria. Speed ​​is an important factor in the game. As the service is faster, Penny will get to collect bigger tips. Penny will be able to carry two trays of food in one go.

Game progress is saved even if you do the other direction. When you play the game again, you will be given the option to continue the game from where you left off or to start a new game.


With that money in the bank is Penny, you can choose to upgrade. The upgrade can be as expensive as you move up. In this game, you get a pair of shoes to help her slide to the trend move faster, comfortable seating to make customers feel more comfortable and to get more tips and television to make guests patiently waiting customers.

I finished the game, now what?
Good for you! You can play the second version or try some other games penguins.


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