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Click to play Bowman

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Tips and tricks

You are having a difficult time getting the hang of the controls? Here are a few tips to help you along the way!

Shoot a few arrows your first randomly, to get an idea of ​​the location of the target or the player.
Once you have discovered how close the first few shots of you, then you can use the icon to calculate the desired distance and height for your next shot. There are two levels icon that appears when you click and drag your mouse, so pay attention!

The game modes and Goals

The Bowman initially includes three different game modes: Practice Mode Player computer mode, and Player vs Player mode. Practice mode is pretty straight forward. If you've never played Bowman, it's a good idea to try this mode first, to get a better understanding of how to play the game. When you are confident with the virtual archery skills, then you may enjoy the eternal joy of Player vs Player vs Computer or Player mode.

Play vs the computer and player vs player ever to provide a fun spin and hours of enjoyment. Unlike Practice mode where you are aiming to achieve a target board with your arrows, the two-mode you are aiming at a competitor - either a computer or a player real player ! This is where you are really put to the test! Your goal is to shoot your arrows exactly on your opponent to win! Think you can handle that?

Option Settings

Unlike some games archery, Bowman offers a variety of settings that players can adjust to suit their playing style and skills. For example, a new player may prefer to be no wind interference, in order to better help them learn how to appreciate the distance of their shots and make the game a little easier . However, a more skilled players can enjoy the wind on the settings to allow for a more challenging game experience. In addition to setting up the wind, players can also choose to enable or disable the index and add or disable a fence between themselves and their opponents, as well as selected from the set of 5 different vitality. Vitality setting lets you choose how many perfect shot arrows it takes to win a game.

Hack and cheats

If you still have difficulty in learning the game, or just want to make the game more interesting, there are plenty of hacks and cheats available to help you along.

  • no gravity
  • larger arrows
  • Opponents can not hit your arrow.

Do you like archery? Then, Bowman is right up your alley! simple flash games offer an attractive level of archery challenging and most interesting! It features a simple but entertaining graphics, easy to use controls, challenging missions to complete, and more! Test your skills and try for yourself Bowman.
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